Sikander Ajam Associates


  • Publications
  • -  Islamabad Architects' Series 2007-2008 - Architect on Architecture

    -  Second Prize in National Competition for the design of IAP House, Karachi

    -  An Architectural Forum - Housing and Shelter, Looking into the future (Archi Times Ref Page 07)

    -  Design Distinction Award from the Institute of Architects

    -  50 on 50 - Recognition Award for the services to Architectural Profession, Institute and Academia, IAPEX 2011

    -  PCATP Competition StateLife Insurance Corporation Building, Hyderabad. 2nd Prize

    -  StateLife Insurance Corporation Building, Sukkur 1st Prize

    -  Council of Islamic Ideology Building, Islamabad. 1st Prize

    -  Federal Public Services Commission, Islamabad 1st Prize

    -  Residential Neighborhood, Riyadh Development Authority, Honorable mention Saudi Arabia.  

    (International Competition).

    - Islamabad Model Prison H-16 Competition. 1st Prize

    - International Seminar on Architecture: Education, Practice & Research, Dhaka, Bangladesh 2012.

    -  Development of Registan Plaza, Samarkand (International Competition).